Moon Jellyfish, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

"Moon Jellies"

Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Moon jellies, also known as Aurelia aurita, are a species of jellyfish that can be found in oceans all over the world. They are named after their translucent, moon-like appearance and are known for their delicate and graceful movements. These jellies are typically small, with a bell-shaped body that can grow up to 30 centimeters in diameter. They are often found in shallow waters near the coast, but can also be found in deeper waters. Moon jellies are not known to be harmful to humans, as their sting is mild and typically only causes minor discomfort. They are carnivorous, feeding on small planktonic animals and other small jellyfish. Their reproduction is unique, as they can reproduce both sexually and asexually. Moon jellies play an important role in the ecosystem, serving as both predator and prey for a variety of marine animals.

Photo ID# RW6945-2

Year Photographed: 2010

Print Edition: Open

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Moon Jellyfish Marine Wildlife Photography Print by Richard Wong