Christian Cross Overlooking Atlantic Ocean (Black & White), Baiona, Spain

"El Camino"

Baiona, Spain

Photo ID# RW9461BW

The Camino de Santiago, also known as The Way of St. James, is a historic religious pilgrimmage that dates back to Europe's Middle Ages. There are multiple routes to get to Santiago de Compostela which is one of the three holiest locations in the Catholic Church. To have officially completed the pilgrimmage a pilgrim has to have walked at least 60 miles continuously by foot before arriving at Santiago de Compostela. Many thru-hikers have done the 500-mile trek from France. I hiked parts of the Portugese Way, Spain Coastal and French Way over the course of a week for approximately 60 miles with a tour company that I work for. What is notable about the Camino de Santiago is that it was a largely forgotten route as recently as the early 1980's. Interest gradually started picking up and now it is one of Europe's most popular hikes.

Year Photographed: 2017

Print Edition: Open

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Camino de Santiago Black and White Photography Print by Richard Wong